Slavik Jablan

Following the history of modularity in art, laying on the border between the art and mathematics, you will discover connections between Paleolithic ornaments, Roman mazes and labyrinths, Kufic writing, Celtic key-patterns and modern Op-art works, and explore the world of impossible objects, Celtic knotworks, Tamil, Lunda and Chokwe sand drawings...

After this introduction, the trip you could start from the main work - text, where every clickable word is a link to the corresponding illustration, from the gallery - a concise survey of illustrations, or from the illustrations, where each of them is linked with the next. Also, you could see references, my home-page and painting exhibition. If you like to have it in your virtual library, you could download the complete work.

Playing with the modular puzzles: "SpaceTiles" , "KnotTiles" and "OpTiles", you could create impossible objects, knotwork designs, and Op-art works.